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Jean Carlos in the News
NEW! Brazilian club to train 9-year-old soccer prodigy...
- CBC News, Canada
Boy wonder! Brazilian, 9, gets attention of pros...
- Sports Illustrated
Internet discovered kid soccer star... are you next? - USA Today
Boy wonder! Brazilian, 9, gets attention of pros...
- Sports Illustrated
Nine year old supertalent discovered in Brazil...
- SoccerWay
And you thought Freddy Adu was young...
- Kansas City Star
9-year-old soccer phenom attracts scouts...
- China Daily
The New Pelé... - Red Issue
Top soccer clubs scout 9-year-old...
- CNN International

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Jean Charlos Chera Biography

Jean Carlos Chera, who is 4' 6" and is 77 pounds, was born on December 5, 1995. Jean is now know around the world as the "The next coming of Pele´". The 9-year old Brazilian soccer prodigy launches missles with his left foot and he skillfully makes players years older than him look stupid with either foot. Jean is already attracting attention of team throughout Europe. "Seven or eight European clubs have already contacted us to know more about Jean," team president Adilson Batista Prado said in a telephone interview. "They want to know what he is all about, and I tell them he's a phenomenon, probably the best player to come out of Brazil." His favorite soccer club is Barcelona and Ronaldinho Gaucho is his role model.

Jean is better known as "Anderson", a nickname his parents gave him, has been playing football since he could walk and soon earned the nickname of "Maradona" in his hometown of Sinop, a farming community of 50,000 residents.

Late last year, a talent scout working with the Parana Sports Athletics Association (ADAP) discovered Anderson, and the child moved with his family to the city of Campo Mourao, Parana state. There he joined the children's team, playing with boys three or four years older than him.

Jean began to attract attention after the club put videos with highlights of Jean's matches on its Web site. In the videos, Jean is seen scoring goals from midfield, dribbling past several defenders and playing among 13- and 14-year-olds. They also sent tapes to the coaches of several Portuguese teams, who have also expressed an interest in the youthful player, according to the O Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper.

After the videos were posted, the site's page views nearly tripled and some of them had to be removed to keep the site from crashing, the club said.

The youngster is gaining fame, and the club's website displays a photograph of Anderson with the legend: "Get to know our wizard, our mascot". The site leads to another page dedicated to the boy.

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